About Chris Potako

My name is Chris Potako. I am currently ~37 years old (born 02/04/80). My interests are pretty varied, but generally are all connected somehow through art and/or technology.

In my various jobs here on Earth I’ve made crazy electrical doohickies, packaged tea and jelly, designed databases, manufactured filters, fixed computers, built websites, played/recorded music, and eventually formed a company with a few friends to focus on making video games.
I officially founded Idryonis Studios, LLC in 2004. I am now the Creative Director and responsible for a lot of our final output. In other words, I’m generally the guy who stitches everything together.

The company has been comically varied in work over the past many years. For instance, I’ve made video games for motion simulators, worked on the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo space flight simulator software in a 25 million dollar human centrifuge, redesigned the audio portion of a military jet fighter simulator, designed touchscreen software for trade shows for many pharmaceuticals, made video presentations for keynote speeches, played/recorded/engineered/produced/mastered a large amount of music, authored DVDs/Blu-rays, animated company logos, shot many videos/films (which have won many awards including best film and best cinematography), worked on visual effects and compositing for film, shot thousands of photographs (which have been featured from magazines to jigsaw puzzles to the BBC), recorded and edited thousands of hours of voiceover (for clients such as Rowan University, Bosch, and Exxon Mobil), handled live video direction for the Philadelphia Orchestra, etc. Basically, I don’t back down from learning something new.  Often I find more similarities than differences.

In my free time I enjoy long, nerdy conversations with friends, playing video games, eating Mexican and/or Italian food (yeah, I’ve made a spaghetti and meatball burrito, have you?), drinking cheap rum, staying up late, playing/recording the drums/bass/guitar/piano, directing/shooting/editing video, photography, cooking, and photography of what I cooked.

This website exists simply to act as a showcase for my varied interests and projects.

I have a cooking and recipes section for sharing my favorite and/or most successful culinary ideas, a music section to showcase some of the music I’ve had a hand in playing, recording, mixing, producing, mastering, etc., a photography section for discussing or showing off some of my abstract, artsy photographs/headshots, and a video section for any video work that I have a hand in.

Feel free to contact me if you feel I could help you make any of your projects come to life!

Chris Potako
~February 2017