Photo – Wildwood Sunset

On a recent trip to Wildwood, New Jersey, I got a chance to fly a Mavic 2 Pro around a bit. This was the result of the most dramatic sunset while I was there.

New Voice-over Video

I recently recorded a short voice-over for a company that provides customized HVAC controls for office buildings.

Chris Potako’s Lens Flare Cheat Sheet

I’ve added many lens flares to many, many projects over the years. Sometimes it’s a realistic effect that you need to break through from the background to the foreground. Sometimes it’s a dramatic way to accent a logo or introduce text. I made a “cheat sheet” for basic elements so you can describe lens flares with clients more easily. Read on for details!

Video – Still

About a year ago, I provided the sound design and mixing for Mixed Nuts Productions newest short film Still.

Most of the project was fairly straight forward. There were some background sounds, some speech, simple effects for phone calls, etc. However, the climax of the film proved quite a bit more challenging!

The film went on to be officially selected for over 20+ film festivals all across the country!

Recipe – Grinch Cookies (Chocolate Mint Toll House)

I present the Grinch!  My family always makes the classic Toll House chocolate chip cookies around the holidays.  I love them!  They’re delicious.  They’re great.

However, I was looking to turn up the creativity a few notches.  One of my favorite flavor combinations for sweets is chocolate and mint, so I figured I’d combine the two.

I didn’t want to call them Mint Chocolate Toll House Chocolate Chip & Andes Mints Cookies so I posted a challenge to Facebook to come up with a creative name that hopefully wasn’t too many syllables.  The winner went to Mr. Rob Walker who suggested simply calling them “Grinches”.  It’s fitting, one syllable, and adds to the holiday theme.  Slam dunk!