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Article featuring me in the DelCo Daily Times!

Science of the Times: Yes, Virginia, the universe is working against you

This article features the most daunting problem we ran into while making Monster Roll Cage back in 2004.

Project Twenty1 2013 – The Exotic Misadventures of Beatrix Won!

Our short film “The Exotic Misadventures of Beatrix” performed quite well at the Project Twenty1 screening and award ceremony last night!

Awards: Best Film, Best Music, Audience Award (Blue screening)

Nominations: Best Acting, Best Sound Design, Best Use of Element

See it here:

Download YouTube Video | YouTube to MP3 | Replay Media Catcher

Music – Gettin’ Low


Written: Brian Schwarz
Lyrics: Brian Schwarz
Vocals: Brian Schwarz
Guitars: Brian Schwarz
Solos: Jeff Scull
Drums: Chris Potako
Organ: Chris Potako
Bass: Chris Potako
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Chris Potako

Finished: 2012

Brian wrote this guitar lick years ago.  And it’s awesome.  Totally awesome.  How could you say this isn’t awesome?  It’s not possible.

We recorded it and it sat rotting in a backwoods directory on my computer for a few years.  At some point earlier this year I was rediscovered it and played it for Brian over the phone.  He then decided that he’d try to sit down and write some lyrics for it to see if we could give the song a heartbeat.

He banged out all the lyrics in a single sitting.  That next weekend we recorded the vocals.  After we fooled around with the song form a little bit, we decided we needed a bright, bluesy guitar solo, a very “in the pocket” clean  drumbeat, some simple non-showy bass playing, and a subtle organ part for the chorus.

When deciding who to pick for a bluesy guitar solo, we both thought of Mr. Jeff Scull, who came over and did a fantastic job after we fed him a lot of rum!

The whole idea behind this tune was to respect the groove and respect the space.


Photos – My Photos Have Been Appearing Everywhere Front Page - September, 24th 2012 Front Page – September, 24th 2012

So, I woke up today to an email from the BBC saying that they were using one of my photos on their front page that day.  They used my photo “Stone Skipping” for their story “Stone skimming: How to be a champion“.  So, I decided to hit up a little Google and see if any of my other photos were used anywhere else.  Well, quite a few of them are…

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Video – Project Twenty1 2012 – “Jump Drive” finished

Jump Drive Poster

Badger Tsunami & Idryonis Studios has once again completed Project Twenty1!  Our entry “Jump Drive” was the first time we’ve worked with outside actors, used a GoPro to film, presented in 2.40:1, tried to film a scene lit only by laptops, among other things.

Update:  We’re officially screening as part of the “red” group on September 29th at 1:00 PM!

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