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Headshot – Chris Potako!

Chris Potako
Chris Potako

Because of my photography and photo-editing background, I’ve decided to get into doing headshots for people.  I figured I first better prove that I can do it.  So through an elaborate rig, I took a few pictures using only natural light with my camera outside and me inside.  Then I did all of the expected “touch ups” by turning even my skin into a mannequin.  

I hope to be doing more photography work in the future!

Photos – My Photos Have Been Appearing Everywhere Front Page - September, 24th 2012 Front Page – September, 24th 2012

So, I woke up today to an email from the BBC saying that they were using one of my photos on their front page that day.  They used my photo “Stone Skipping” for their story “Stone skimming: How to be a champion“.  So, I decided to hit up a little Google and see if any of my other photos were used anywhere else.  Well, quite a few of them are…

Photography – My background

Photography has always interested me! I’ve always like the idea of capturing a little slice of time and space. It, however, never interested me enough to want to spend the initial time and pain learning how to do it when I was younger (read: before digital cameras).