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Photo – Wildwood Sunset

On a recent trip to Wildwood, New Jersey, I got a chance to fly a Mavic 2 Pro around a bit. This was the result of the most dramatic sunset while I was there.

You can view it on Flickr here!

Chris Potako’s Lens Flare Cheat Sheet

I’ve added many lens flares to many, many projects over the years. Sometimes it’s a realistic effect that you need to break through from the background to the foreground. Sometimes it’s a dramatic way to accent a logo or introduce text. I made a “cheat sheet” for basic elements so you can describe lens flares with clients more easily. Read on for details!

Headshots – Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein

This last week I got a chance to fire up the camera and shoot some head shots for someone who was in my latest short-film Disconnecticut. Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein has many, many different looks which you can see on her website at For this shoot she wanted warm and friendly.

Although it was QUITE windy that day, we got a lot of great stuff!

My Photos Have Been Appearing Everywhere – Global Edition

Every once in a while, I do a Google search to see if anybody is using my photos for anything new.  Well, from Philadelphia Magazine to Poland to Vietnam, they’ve been showing up lots of places!

Headshot – Bryan Donoghue

My friend Bryan Donoghue contacted me about updating his headshots.  He wanted to get two completely different feels in one session.  We decided on the lovely backdrop of Norristown/Bridgeport, PA.

The somber, bearded look was acquired while skillfully avoiding tetanus in the back-alley of some dilapidated factory.  Shockingly, the happy photo came from a few random shots with a Norristown sidewalk background while some crazy man in a hoodie tried to photo-bomb.

Check out his page for more information on recent projects he’s been working on!