Written: Brian Schwarz
Lyrics: Jon Delise
Vocals: Brian Schwarz, Chris Potako
Guitars: Brian Schwarz, Chris Potako
Drums: Chris Potako
Bass: Chris Potako
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Chris Potako

Finished: 2003

Rush Hour was the first “full featured” song we tried to record.

There were many experiments recorded over the years.  There were many simple recordings with a single mic.  There were many bad ideas captured in even worse ways.  So, we decided to stop being bad.

This track took us several months in the summer of 2003.  We probably re-recorded all of the parts at least 5 times.  New techniques kept pushing us in new directions.  We borrowed equipment.  We bought new equipment.  We used old equipment in new ways.  I learned a lot about engineering, mixing, equalizing, noise reduction, etc.

Overall, this tune came out quite well.  I personally love the layering in the ending.