Written: Jon Delise, Chris Potako
Lyrics: Jon Delise
Vocals: Jon Delise, Brian Schwarz
Guitars: Jon Delise
Bass: Chris Potako
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Chris Potako

Finished: 2005

This tune sort of came about by accident.  I put a drum loop behind Hold On as a joke.  When Jon heard it, he started playing the opening riff for this tune.  I instantly knew it had to be our next recording.

Jon didn’t have a bridge, so he turned to me for that.  I’m proud of the saddest sounding E-major ever as the final chord.

After we had all the pieces together, this tune was pretty simple to record. 2 acoustic guitars, a bass, and a sloppy mono drum-loop.

The concept behind this recording was to be loose, and that it was good to not play rigidly…  To keep it a little dirty on purpose.  Really, it was the opposite of Hold On.

And if I may pat myself on the back a little… I love the bass in this tune, primarily because I got to rip-off some of Rob DeLeo’s (of STP) motown fills. Sadly, my Epiphone wasn’t going to cut it for this tune. I needed a bass with actual character, so I borrowed a friend’s Schecter Model T (thanks Bryan!).