Written: Brian Schwarz, Jon Delise
Lyrics: Brian Schwarz, Jon Delise
Vocals: Jon Delise
Guitars: Jon Delise
Piano: Chris Potako
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Chris Potako

Finished: 2007

Brian wrote this as a very slow country song.  We had an opportunity to send this tune off for a potential co-write… tomorrow.  So we had to move fast.

We worked on the song for a few hours and it wasn’t really coming together.  We were about to quit for the night when I jokingly hit my double-speed button.  That was it.  We were then re-energized because we finally had the direction for the song.

We laid down all of the vocal tracks and guitar parts and called it for the night (it was about 4 AM).  The next day I woke up early with the challenge of having to write a piano part and finish the mix in about 4 hours.  I fumbled around for quite a bit before finally landing on a bit of a Hornsby ripoff.

All in all, the simplicity of this tune was a nice change from the previous song we recorded.