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Recipe – Unphiladelphia Cheesesteak

Unphiladelphia Cheesesteak
The Unphiladelphia Cheesesteak


Philadelphians love their cheesesteaks!  They get quite passionate about whether or not it should have onions, what kind of cheese, roll, etc.  If I asked for this ridiculous concoction at any of the popular Philadelphia cheesesteak places, I’d be crucified.

Imagine making a cheesesteak with an Americanized Asian chili sauce, a Mexican chipotle meat marinade, fried onions and garlic, some classic Philadelphia chip steak, shredded pepper-jack cheese, and a buttered garlic-bread roll.  Sounds ludicrous?  It is!

Recipe – Roasted Garlic Soup

Roasted Garlic Soup

Do you like garlic?  I put garlic in everything!  I put it in burgers, pot roasts, soups, chicken breasts, mac & cheese, etc. 

Even if you don’t share my admittedly ridiculous obsession with garlic, this is a really good soup!  Depending on how you prepare it, you can make it a garlic uppercut, or a smooth roasted flavor.  Oh, and hopefully you don’t mind a little butter and heavy cream? 

Read on for this great side/appetizer soup!