Written: Jon Delise
Lyrics: Jon Delise
Vocals: Jon Delise, Brian Schwarz
Piano: Chris Potako
Guitars: Jon Delise, Chris Potako
Percussion: Chris Potako
Bass: Chris Potako
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Chris Potako

Finished: 2005

This tune has a bit of an interesting story.  Jon wrote this song, and the band The Starting Line recorded it for their demo with Jon playing the piano.  It became a bit of a fan-favorite, but most people are unaware that it’s not a Starting Line song.

Anyway, Jon came to me and wanted to re-record it in 2005.  He wanted to flesh out the ending with bass, chimes, cymbals, etc.

The goal of this song was to be very precise and clean.  We wanted to minimize noise and really bring the vocals and solo guitar work to the front of the mix.