What started out as a joke on top of a joke on top of an accident, turned into a surprisingly sharp little video.


My car didn’t pass inspection this year.  The engine is about to fall out.  Like, actually.  I originally made a somewhat crappy yet somewhat cool video of my car blowing up from a static photograph.

I had recently finished a logo animation for Lightning Hammer, so I was working with lightning effects.

My friends Mike,  Ben, and I were discussing some ideas for the upcoming 48 hour film project.  Mike recorded a quick video of the discussion where I made a joke about being able to shoot lightning between my hands.  I quickly downloaded the video and made lightning shoot between my hands and Mike and Ben loved it.

So, adding that all up, 15 minutes later we’re all outside getting ready to shoot a silly video of me blowing up my car with lightning bolts shot out of my hands.  Makes sense, right?

All told, this probably took me about ~12 hours to make.   It’s about ~30 video/effect layers and ~12 audio tracks.