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EcoGroup Voice-over Video

I recorded a short voice-over for a company called EcoGroup USA, focused on indoor air quality in the era of this crazy pandemic.

EcoGroup USA Video

Visit ecogroupusa.com to learn more!

Emme Voice-over Video

I recently recorded a short voice-over for a company that provides customized HVAC controls for office buildings.

Emme HVAC Control Video

Visit www.getemme.com to learn more!

Video – Still – Short Film

About a year ago, I provided the sound design and mixing for Mixed Nuts Productions newest short film Still.

Most of the project was fairly straight forward. There were some background sounds, some speech, simple effects for phone calls, etc. However, the climax of the film proved quite a bit more challenging!

The film went on to be officially selected for over 25+ film festivals all across the country!

Project Twenty1 2014 – “Disconnecticut”

Badger Tsunami’s Disconnecticut

This was Badger Tsunami’s 4th entry into the Project Twenty1 21-day film competition in 2014. The secret element this year was “disconnect”.

Disconnecticut won Best Sound Design, and was nominated for Best Cinematography!

Video – Lightning Taurus

What started out as a joke on top of a joke on top of an accident, turned into a surprisingly sharp little video.