Written: Brian Schwarz
Lyrics: Brian Schwarz
Vocals: Brian Schwarz
Guitars: Brian Schwarz
Solos: Jeff Scull
Drums: Chris Potako
Organ: Chris Potako
Bass: Chris Potako
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Chris Potako

Finished: 2012

Brian wrote this guitar lick years ago.  And it’s awesome.  Totally awesome.  How could you say this isn’t awesome?  It’s not possible.

We recorded it and it sat rotting in a backwoods directory on my computer for a few years.  At some point earlier this year I rediscovered it and played it for Brian over the phone.  He then decided that he’d try to sit down and write some lyrics for it to see if we could give the song a heartbeat.

He banged out all the lyrics in a single sitting.  That next weekend we recorded the vocals.  After we fooled around with the song form a little bit, we decided we needed a bright, bluesy guitar solo, a very “in the pocket” clean  drumbeat, some simple non-showy bass playing, and a subtle organ part for the chorus.

When deciding who to pick for a bluesy guitar solo, we both thought of Mr. Jeff Scull, who came over and did a fantastic job after we fed him a lot of rum…  A lot of rum.

The whole idea behind this tune was to respect the groove and respect the space.