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“Biohazards” short released!

Another day, another typical job interview at the Umbrella Corporation.

I did all of the cinematography, shooting,  sound, editing, effects, and even two off-screen characters (the Septa-like warning voice, and Howard, a poor bastard getting torn apart by creatures over the phone)!  Kevin provided the music, as always!

“Dialogue Tree” released!

I was on-set for the visual effects supervision as well as performing all of the post (editing, color, sound design, and visual effects).

This was our first time dealing with footage shot on RED.  We kept our entire pipeline at 4.5k resolution.

This project was brought to us by Cinevore Studios.  The collaboration was a blast for both of our companies and we look forward to working with them more!

Video – Project Twenty1 2012 – “Jump Drive” finished

Jump Drive Poster

Badger Tsunami & Idryonis Studios has once again completed Project Twenty1!  Our entry “Jump Drive” was the first time we’ve worked with outside actors, used a GoPro to film, presented in 2.40:1, tried to film a scene lit only by laptops, among other things.

Update:  We’re officially screening as part of the “red” group on September 29th at 1:00 PM!

Video / Music – Destined Soundtrack

Destined Soundtrack Cover

Destined Soundtrack Cover

I am happy to announce that the soundtrack to Destined has officially been released.  You can find it pretty much anywhere that offers digital downloads (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

Listen to some quality composing from Mr. Kevin Stahl with some production over-sight from me while I put the entire films’ audio together.

The 15 orchestrated tracks were mixed at Abbey Road by Jake Jackson, and the soundtrack includes one of my tunes “Unclean” (which was used as background music in the bar scene).


Video – Destined Trailer

Here is the Destined trailer!  Screening will be in early June!