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Project Twenty1 2014 – “Disconnecticut”

Badger Tsunami’s Disconnecticut

This was Badger Tsunami’s 4th entry into the Project Twenty1 21-day film competition in 2014. The secret element this year was “disconnect”.

Disconnecticut won Best Sound Design, and was nominated for Best Cinematography!

Project Twenty1 2013 – “The Exotic Misadventures of Beatrix” Won!

Best Film – Project Twenty1 2013

Our short film “The Exotic Misadventures of Beatrix” performed quite well at the Project Twenty1 screening and award ceremony last night! We managed to scoop up a few awards including the coveted best film!

“Supervillain Security Solutions” released!

A Bowser-wannabe, eager to upgrade his castle security, runs into a crafty and seductive saleswoman.

For this project, I did all of the editing, effects, 3D modeling, sound design, and mixing.  Kevin Stahl handled the music.  

This ending scene was especially epic and took a very long time to figure out how to do.  But, I got to reunite with an old BFF: Lightwave 3D.

Supervillain Security Solutions

“Limit Break” short released

In a turn-based universe, a group of adventurers and a monster learn to work together… while they wait for the wizard to finally make his move.

I did the aerial shooting in the beginning and end, sound, editing, mixing, and visual effects for this project. Once again, Kevin Stahl did the music!

Limit Break

“Biohazards” short released!

Another day, another typical job interview at the Umbrella Corporation.

This was another project that I got to do with Cinevore for the Red5 gaming studio’s YouTube channel.

I did all of the cinematography, shooting,  sound, editing, and visual effects! I also got a chance to voice two off-screen characters (the Septa/Black Mesa-like warning voice, and Howard, a poor bastard getting torn apart by creatures over the phone)!

Kevin Stahl provided the music, as always!

Biohazards Short Film