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Video – 48HFP 2011 Awards!

I did the 48 Hour Film Project again this year with Badger Tsunami creating “The Strange Game”.


I did most of the filming, the final editing, final mixing, and all of the special effects.

  • Best Use of Line
  • Best Special Effects!
  • Best Sound Design
  • Runner up for Best Film
The best special effects award was the only one I personally wanted.  I only had to do 27 special effects shots this year on hand-held material to get it.

The Current 3D Film Fad

I came across a pretty interesting article the other day about why 3D movies give some people headaches and some of the technical issues with “faking out” your eyes and brain.

Article:  Why 3D doesn’t work and never will. Case closed.

One of the biggest issues, as this article states, is the focus/convergence issue.  When you focus on things, not only do each of your eyes lenses focus, but your eyes also converge and diverge (rotate toward and away from each other).