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Chris Potako’s Lens Flare Cheat Sheet

I’ve added many lens flares to many, many projects over the years. Sometimes it’s a realistic effect that you need to break through from the background to the foreground. Sometimes it’s a dramatic way to accent a logo or introduce text. I made a “cheat sheet” for basic elements so you can describe lens flares with clients more easily. Read on for details!

Article featuring me in the DelCo Daily Times!

Science of the Times: Yes, Virginia, the universe is working against you

This article features the most daunting problem we ran into while making Monster Roll Cage back in 2004.

The Current 3D Film Fad

I came across a pretty interesting article the other day about why 3D movies give some people headaches and some of the technical issues with “faking out” your eyes and brain.

Article:  Why 3D doesn’t work and never will. Case closed.

One of the biggest issues, as this article states, is the focus/convergence issue.  When you focus on things, not only do each of your eyes lenses focus, but your eyes also converge and diverge (rotate toward and away from each other).