Article featuring me in the DelCo Daily Times!

Science of the Times: Yes, Virginia, the universe is working against you

This article features the most daunting problem we ran into while making Monster Roll Cage back in 2004.

Headshot – Chris Potako!

Chris Potako

Because of my photography and photo-editing background, I’ve decided to get into doing headshots for people.  I figured I first better prove that I can do it.  So through an elaborate rig, I took a few pictures using only natural light with my camera outside and me inside.  Then I did all of the expected “touch ups” by turning even my skin into a mannequins.  I hope to be doing more photography work in the future!

Project Twenty1 2013 – “The Exotic Misadventures of Beatrix” Won!

Our short film “The Exotic Misadventures of Beatrix” performed quite well at the Project Twenty1 screening and award ceremony last night!

Awards: Best Film, Best Music, Audience Award (Blue screening)

Nominations: Best Acting, Best Sound Design, Best Use of Element

See it here:

“Supervillain Security Solutions” released!

A Bowser-wannabe, eager to upgrade his castle security, runs into a crafty and seductive saleswoman.

For this project, I did all of the editing, effects, 3D modeling, sound design, and mixing.  Kevin handled the music.  This ending scene was especially epic and took a very long time to figure out how to do.  But, I got to reunite with an old BFF: Lightwave.

“Limit Break” short released

In a turn-based universe, a group of adventurers and a monster learn to work together… while they wait for the Wizard to finally make his move.

I did the aerial shooting in the beginning and end, sound, editing, mixing, and visual effects for this project. Once again, Kevin did the music!