Author: Chris Potako

Recipe – Grinch Cookies (Chocolate Mint Toll House)

Chocolate Mint Grinch Cookies

My family always makes the classic Toll House chocolate chip cookies around the holidays.  I love them!  They’re the seemingly universally accepted chocolate chip cookie.

However, I was looking to turn up the creativity a few notches.  One of my favorite flavor combinations for sweets is chocolate and mint, so I figured I’d work that into these cookies for the holidays.

I didn’t want to call them Mint Chocolate Toll House Chocolate Chip & Andes Mints Cookies so I posted a challenge to Facebook to come up with a creative name that hopefully wasn’t too many syllables.  The winner went to Mr. Rob Walker who suggested simply calling them “Grinches”.  It’s fitting, one syllable, and adds to the holiday theme.  Slam dunk!

Video – “Vote” Election Music Video Parody

I shot and edited a parody video about the 2016 election called “Vote” (based on Madonna’s Vogue)!

We tried to go shot-for-shot as best as we could with the original video. It’s a challenging video to copy – especially on a very limited budget. Overall I’m quite pleased with the results!

Headshots – Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein

This last week I got a chance to fire up the camera and shoot some head shots for someone who was in my latest short-filmĀ Disconnecticut. Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein has many, many different looks which you can see on her website atĀ For this shoot she wanted warm and friendly.

Although it was QUITE windy that day, we got a lot of great stuff!

Recipe – Potako’s Chicken Paprikas

Chicken Paprikas
Chicken Paprikas


What is this? Another sloppy chicken dish right after you posted a recipe for Red Pepper Balsamic Chicken? Yes, indeed! This is the Potako spin on the Hungarian classic: Chicken Paprikas (or paprikash to some, or puzzlingly “bop-ra-gosh” to my father)! This is a dish that seems to have no formal recipe other than it needs to have chicken and paprika. I’ve had this dish prepared in many different ways over the years. This is my personal favorite!

It’s pretty easy. It’s pretty cheap. It’s super delicious. Dig in!

Recipe – Balsamic & Red Pepper Chicken

Balsamic & Red Pepper Chicken
Balsamic & Red Pepper Chicken


This is a simple, fresh, and delicious way to prepare chicken breasts.  You slap these bad-larrys on top of some rice, couscous, lentils, or whatever else makes you happy, serve it with a simple salad, and you’ve got yourself a meal!